Saturday, January 9, 2010

#SingleOnBway: The Results!

The last few days have been incredible.

Hundreds of tweets were tagged #SingleOnBway. I heard from gay men, straight women, lesbians, a trans guy, and yes, even a couple of elusive straight male theatre fans -- all looking for love right here on Broadway.

Everyone responded with passion, humor, and the excitement that embodies the Broadway experience. I am truly proud to have had a part in engaging so many theatre-lovers in one, big, unified conversation.

I've gotta give it up to MCC Theater, for providing the tickets to The Pride. Their rep contacted me last month, offering a pair of tickets to give away in any way I chose. #SingleOnBway came together purely on a whim, in less than an hour, as I was dishing with my lovelies about how hard it is (for all of us!) to get a date. And it became something of a miniature twitter phenomenon.

As stated in the rules, "The choice of winners will be subjective and mine alone." It's time to announce that choice.

Drumroll, please...

The winners of a blind date at MCC Theater, with free premium tickets to see The Pride are...

@caterrachel and @jennywantstosay!

Congratulations, ladies. Enjoy the show. And TWEET ME AFTER!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The BroadwayGirlNYC Dating Service: Let Love Shine on Broadway!

Tonight on twitter, I was lamenting the lack of eligible, single, straight male Broadway fans. Then my lovelies (my name for "followers," a term I just don't dig) started chiming in -- I heard from gay, lesbian AND straight folks who are ALL having trouble finding love!

I joked that I should start a service for Broadway-loving singles. And then it hit me: with over 2,300 people reading my twitter feed, why SHOULDN'T I help them find each other?!

So, tonight I'm launching my first BroadwayGirl Dating Service ticket giveaway. I'm going to send two of my lovelies out on a date -- to a theatre production, of course!

The two winners will attend a performance of MCC Theater's The Pride , directed by Joe Mantello and starring Hugh Dancy. (The date of the performance will be determined after the winners are chosen and at the discretion of MCC.)

Want to go on a blind date, and see a show for free in the process?

Here are your instructions, lovelorn twitterers:

To enter the contest, introduce yourself on twitter with the hashtag #SingleOnBway.

Search #SingleOnBway to meet other Broadway-loving twitterers who want to go on a date.

When you spot someone you like, strike up a twitter conversation, using the hashtag #SingleOnBway. Conversations must be public (not over DM)!

Once you have made a match -- found a (previous) stranger with whom you'd like to attend the show -- BOTH twitters must send a tweet labeled @BroadwayGirlNYC and #SingleOnBway letting me know you've decided you want to blind-date each other.

At noon on Saturday, January 9, I'll choose a pair of tweeters who will win!

Then, post-date, you have to PROMISE to tweet at me and let me know how it went.

Here are a few little rules:

The two winners must never have met (and agree not to meet in person) before their date.

Both winners must be over 18 and able to get to New York City at their own expense at a date to be determined.

By entering, you acknowledge that meeting any stranger is a risk, and hold me (BroadwayGirlNYC), MCC, and all other parties outside yourselves, unaccountable.

The choice of winners will be subjective and mine alone.

The contest starts NOW! So get tweeting, cutie-pies.

And maybe we'll all be witness to true love found on Broadway!

EXCLUSIVE: Janet Dacal returns to In The Heights in a New Role: NINA!

I teased you last week with my tweeted scoop that “spies at In the Heights tell me an old favorite returns to a new role in February”.

Well, here’s the news – which you’ll read on BroadwayGirlNYC exclusively.

Starting in February, Janet Dacal will replace Mandy Gonzalez as Nina.

Janet will return to Heights shortly after concluding her starring run as Alice in Frank Wildhorn’s Wonderland: The Musical (at the Alley Theatre in Houston through February 14th). Previously, she originated the Heights role of Carla, the ditzy Salon assistant.