Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Dee Snider joining Rock of Ages


It’s a signature song from Rock of Ages, originally made huge by Twisted Sister.

And now, I have it on good authority that Dee Snider, lead rocker of Twisted Sister, will be joining the Rock of Ages cast.

It isn’t permanent, but this is no one night stand. Dee is in the final stages of talks to be a Broadway Rocker for 10 weeks!

My sources also tell me that Tuesday nights will be extra special – Dee Snider will be doing something special for fans after the show along the lines of Q&As and talk-backs.

Stay tuned to official Rock of Ages sources for an announcement soon... but remember that BroadwayGirlNYC told you first. :-)

Dee Snider's twitter apparently corroborates the story; on 9/28 he tweets, "Long day of rehearsals! Remembering lines, stage blocking and choreography is kicking my ass! I can do it!"


  1. Go the Rock of Ages...

    Get your rocks off honey!!!

    Can't wait.

    Geoff Talbot
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  2. Hi BroadwayGirl. I've been following you on twitter since you stated but I don't think you are following me because I'm trying to enter your Halloween contest but my tweets to you aren't showing up. I couldn't find nother way to contact you. Thanks..

  3. That sounds pretty awesome! Twisted Sister was a great band. I'm sure he'll be awesome on tv too.

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