Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Mitch Jarvis as Stacee Jaxx?!

Rumor has it -– and by rumor I mean my sources are solid –- that Mitch Jarvis wants to switch things up.

Mitch, who has received rave reviews as narrator Lonny in Rock of Ages, has apparently tired of the role, and successfully lobbied the ROA producers to let him take the less prominent, albeit sexier, role of Stacee Jaxx.

Maybe Mitch got tired of locking lips with Adam Dannheisser, and wanted some on-stage lady-loving instead?

No word on when the change will take place, but sounds like Jay Klaitz from the short-lived High Fidelity musical is the favorite to take over as Lonny.

You heard it here first, rockers!!


UPDATE: The contract for James Carpinello, the current Stacee Jaxx, is expected to end in September. Look for Mitch to make the change around then.

Photo: Mitch Jarvis and James Carpinello feel each other up, while Amy Spanger and Constatine Maroulis stand by.

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