Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#FakeBwaySequels - a Twitter game

Last weekend, I got an email from a friend in which she referred to the closing of the musical “9 to 6”. It was a typo on her part, but my immediate response was, “That must be the sequel!”

As a result, I (along with several hilarious twitterpals) spent the good part of Sunday coming up with other imaginary Broadway sequels. They came so fast and furiously that I didn’t have time to keep up with them all, and they so exhausted me that I needed two days off from twittering !

But in rereading the list – both those tweeted directly to me and those posted with hashtag #FakeBwaySequels – I’m giggling once again.

Here are some of my favorites:

“[title of sequel]” (mine)

“120 In the Shade (Oops! We're All Dead!)" – via @leeserh

“The 25th Annual Putnam County Track & Field Tournament” (mine)

“5 to 9: Off the Clock” – via @ErinEStevens

“Another School Shooting, Annie? If Only She'd Never Gotten That Gun” – via @jilltwiss

“Cats 2: Spayed” – via @misslizrichards

“Donkey's Big Adventure: Who needs Shrek with an Ass like This” – via @adventureginger

“East Side Story: Anita's Big Move” – via @kiarri_librasng

“Grope Me Kate: Finally Getting to Second Base” (mine)

“Hair Extensions” – via @leeserh

“In the Heights 2: Gentrification!!!" (mine)

“Not Even in the Same Ballpark as Normal, but Thanks for Trying” (mine)

“Tiny Dancer: The Tale of Elliot's Offspring” – via @adventureginger

“Thoroughly Post-Modern Millie” (mine)

“South Pacific Overtures: A Rodgers & Hammerstein/ Sondheim Mashup Musical” (mine)

“Sublet” (mine)

“Xanadeux” – via @snapitsmaria

“You're a Crack Whore, Sally Brown: Living Life with Charlie” – via @alliex3baby

Did I miss your favorite? Or do you have new suggestions? Add them in the comments below.